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Makeup Revolution Ultra Sculpt & Contour Kit

Ultra Fair C01 & Ultra Light/Medium C04
Ultra Fair C01
In this palette, there is a 
  • matte bronzer 
  • shimmery highlighter 
  • shimmery blusher 
Ultra Light/Medium C04 
Bronzer is a warm tone brown in Ultra Fair and is a slightly cool tone dark brown in Ultra Light/Medium, and is very pigmented. Both are good for contouring but I don’t think they can be used for bronzing.
The highlighter is whitish beige in Ultra Fair and is beige in Ultra Light/Medium, with fine shimmer particles. It is also pretty pigmented. Both the shades will work beautifully on all the skin tones.
The blusher is peachy pink with golden shimmer in Ultra Fair which can be used for an everyday blush and metallic bronze with bronzy shimmer in Ultra Light/Medium which I think is way more dark for a blush, instead, it can be used as a very pretty bronzer for an amazing sun-kissed bronze look. These again are very pigmented. 
Swatches for Ultra Fair C01
Swatches for Ultra Light/Medium C04
Rectangular sleek plastic container with Transparent Lid
With a small mirror inside
Fine and smooth texture.
Easy to blend.
Stays for:
Bronzer and Highlighter stay for 4-5 hours, but the Blush starts fading after 3-4 hours
Application For Best Results:
Apply these powders on your skin with Brushes. 
£3.50 for 11gm of the product
Achieve SCULPTED & CONTOURED Professional Excellence
Our amazing kit provides everything you need for a professional sculpted and contoured finish. This Multi-tasking Handbag Favourite does everything, to be used Together to shape, or individually to freshen up and brighten throughout the day.
Bronze and Blush Powders to achieve a precise contour, and new shades of our amazing HIGHLIGHTERS to finish by BRIGHTENING and illuminating.
My Experience: I have been using these for a few months now, and I am simply loving these. 
As I have a light skin tone, the Ultra Fair C01 is great for daily use for highlighting, blushing and sculpting. But I, personally, like the highlighter of the Ultra Light/Medium C04 more ❤ and Ultra Light/Medium C04 can be used for heavy contouring, highlighting and bronzing.
Ratings: 9/10
  1. Travel Friendly 
  2. Cheap/Affordable 
  3. Contains three shades 
  4. Pigmented 
  5. Soft and Smooth texture 
  6. Blends easily 
  7. Best for light to medium skin tones 
  8. The Ultra Light/Medium C04 create a beautiful sun-kissed look 
  9. The staying power of highlighting and contouring powder 
  1. Blusher starts to fade after 4 hours 
  2. Staying power could have been better 
  3. Not for dark skin tones 
  4. The product goes everywhere when you put the brush in the pan 
Will I recommend it?
Yes, of course, I ll recommend it. 
It’s great plus affordable for sculpting, highlighting and adding some colour to your face.

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