French Fries

So far I haven’t put any food related stuff on my blog and I wanted to start with something everybody loves.
So here comes the recipe of Crispy French Fries, who doesn’t love them 😄


  1. Potatoes            as much you want 😉
  2. Water                1/2 cup
  3. Salt
  4. Corn Flour        as required
  5. Oil For frying

1. Slice the potatoes in the shape of French Fries.
2. Take water in a bowl and add salt to it so it doesn’t change the colour while you cut other potatoes.
3. Take out the cut potatoes in a dish.
4. Heat the oil for frying.
5. Sprinkle corn flour over the potatoes. Sprinkle as much corn flour as crispy as you want but don’t cover it completely.
6. Now put the cut potatoes with corn flour in Hot oil and fry them.
7. Fry them until the desired colour.
8. Take your platter in which you will serve the Fries and put a paper towel on it.
9. Drain the fries out on the dish with the paper towel.
10. Serve with the Ketchup or Sauce of your choice.

Have Fun Eating
Give your feedback and tell me what other recipes you would like to read. Also, check out my My Type Fries – Continental Recipe and show some love.

Thank you

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