Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Everyone has their own priorities for everyday makeup. I don’t wear makeup on daily basis but when I do I prefer to keep it as natural and as skin like as possible. On most of the days a sunscreen, facepowder and a lipbalm is all I wear but when I want to look more put together I go for this look. If you want to know how I do my everyday makeup look just keep on reading 🙂

Start with a clean face. I moisturize my face 10-15 mins before applying makeup to let it settle down in my skin.


Now the foundation depends on your choice and skin type. I personally prefer a BB cream. You can go with either a sheer to medium coverage foundation, tinted moisturizer, BB or CC cream.
My favorite BB cream is Maybelline Dream Pure BB cream. Many people don’t like it much but from all the drugstore BB creams I have tried this one is my favourite. I take small amount on my fingers and dot it all over my face. This contains n SPF 15 so I don’t need to apply an additional sunscreen.
Now blending it depends on the coverage I need. If I need sheer coverage which I usually prefer I use a damp beauty blender to blend it. And if I need more coverage or am in a hurry I blend it using my fingers.
Also if I need more coverage some day, I let the first layer to settle on my skin for 30 seconds and then apply a second layer.
Blending the base properly is the most important thing to look fresh, so I give my proper time to blending the base into my skin.
Next to brighten my under eyes, I apply the minimum amount of concealer to the inner corners of my eyes. My favourite everyday go to concealer is Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles Concealer. I apply it to the inner corners of my eyes and then blend it with my fingers dragging it slightly under the eyes.
For Blush, I take the Dream Bouncy Blush by Maybelline on my fingers and apply it to the apples of my cheeks. The shade depends on the lip colour I am about to apply.
When all creams are done I set my face with some face powder. Just realized 🤔I am using Maybelline way too much 😛 yeah, because that is my favorite drugstore brand. For the face powder, I love using Maybelline Fit Me Matte + Poreless Powder. Sometimes I apply it only to the concealed areas and other times I apply it to my whole face.
Done with the face makeup. Now apply some Mascara to your eyelashes and lip colour to your lips
and you are good to go.
For mascara, who makes the best mascaras in the drugstore 😛 Maybelline again 😍 Yeah, I love to use Maybelline Great Lash Mascara for my daily makeup. It doesn’t give drama to your eyelashes but still makes them visible, beautiful and natural.

For lip colour, I don’t prefer applying Lipsticks daily. So I apply Maybelline Baby Lips to my lips for everyday looks. It keeps my lips hydrated and gives color to them too.

In the days I like to have some glow on my cheeks, I add Wet n Wild Bronzer in Reserve Your Cabana. It is more of a highlighter than a bronzer. It’s the most natural drugstore highlight and I love it.
Another important thing is eye brows. I don’t do my brows for everyday looks. I love them as they are. But if you are a fixed brow person, Maybelline has launched many new brow products which work amazing. Or my favourite Brow product from drugstore is Makeup Revolution Fix & Focus. That is a brow powder palatte. You can go with powders or pencils, whichever you may prefer.

Yeah, so that’s it. I hope you loved it. Do try this look and tell me how you feel about it. Also check my Quick Makeup Tutorial | Drugstore Makeup Tutorial. Do let me know if you want me to review any of these products.

Thank you for your time. It means a lot.
Have a blessed and lovely day


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