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Makeup by One Direction Limited Edition | Louis Palette

Who doesn’t like One Direction as a band??
No one.
And so, everyone loves there makeup line as well. Today I will be reviewing Makeup By One Direction Palette in Louis. I got this as a gift last summer. As it was a Limited Edition Palette I assumed it won’t be in the sale for long but as I was googling some other products I found it on Amazon, eBay, and some other websites as well. So I just thought to review it for the One Direction Fans.
First thing’s first, this palette is fashioned for and incited by the One Direction Fans out there. Yes, the palette expresses it in this way: This palette is created for and inspired by fans of the world’s biggest band, this limited-edition beauty collection is fun, bold and a tad mischievous, just like ONE DIRECTION.
  • Includes full palette of shadows complemented by a quad of shimmering lip gloss, glitter, eye pencil and two incredible nail lacquers
  • Exclusive doodles and instructions customized for each band member
  • Exclusive photo of Louis
  • Limited edition collectable tin
  • Makeup by One Direction is fun, bold, often Irreverent with a touch of cheeky mischievousness.

It comes in Tin packaging with Louis’ picture and autograph over it. Other packages in this collection have pictures of other members of the band. The only difference between the products of this collection are the pictures and autographs; the colours and inside product are same so you can choose between Harry, Louis, Liam, Niall or Zayn without worrying about the colour selection.

When you open it, initially it has a tin tray imprinted with a sticking note saying “Hello Beautiful”. I lost it so the picture isn’t available right now.

When you lift the tray this is what the palette looks like from inside.
The palette contains six eye shadows, 4 lip glosses, 2 nail varnishes, 1 eye pencil, 1 lip gloss top coat and 2 tiny minny brushes.
The Product:
The palette comes with 6 eye shadow pans holding 3 metallic shades & 3 smokey shades. Net weight of 6 eye shadows is 9.6 gram. The eye shadows are decently pigmented, especially the smokey ones. The colour pays off is good. The metallics oxidize on my skin as soon as they are applied so a primer under these eye shadows is necessary. They stay on your eyes for 3-4 hours without a primer which is nice. The colour selection is good too and you can create several looks with this palette. The minty green colour “Same Mistakes” is my favourite of all.
Shades from left to right: Nobody Cares, Tell Me A Lie, Same Mistakes, I would, Summer Love, Everything About You
I don’t know if it’s only my palette or it happened with all the palettes, the glitter of the metallic eye shadows is only at the top layer. Once you are done with the top layer the eye shadow is satin. Same happens in the smokey shades but who wants glitter in smokey shades, plus they don’t claim to be metallic.
Next, there are 4 lip glosses in the palette with 3g net weight. The colours are diverse so you can work with them on so many looks. The glosses are deeply pigmented. 3 of them are opaque while the one light pink colour “One Thing” is frosty. These glosses don’t last much, they last for 2-3 hours max for me which is a big no. But you can work it out with a lip liner underneath, which will make it a bit more long-lasting. Else you can apply a lipstick under it to make it work better.
Shades from left to right: Loved you first, One Thing, Irresistible, Heart Attack. Check lip swatches Here.


This picture is to show you a close-up of Heart Attack shade. Such a lovely colour. I like it the most.
Okay now come the Nail Polishes. There are two nail polishes in the palette. They are 5.5 ml each. One is Magenta Pink Shimmer
Stole My Heart

And another one is clear containing multicoloured glitter flakes.

Both nail polishes worked great for me. They didn’t chap at all. The colour pay off is good. Two layers of Stole My Heart gives fine opacity. Alive can work amazing for nail art. But but but. For me, these nail polishes dried out in the winter. I don’t know what went wrong but these nail polishes don’t work anymore. Stole My Heart pays some inconsistent colour but nothing comes out of Alive although I only used it once and Stole My Heart 4-5 times. It might be because it is only 5.5ml but I have nail polishes of 5ml and I have used them more than 7-8 times.
Next, comes the Top Coat Clear Lip Gloss. This is called Over Again and contains appealing silver glitter particles. It doesn’t show up in the picture so I didn’t upload the swatch but it works excellently over lipsticks. The applicator is decent and it is a 3.3mL product. I like applying it to my matte lipsticks to get a glossy look. The silver glitters don’t last long but the glossy appearance remains.
Over Again
Next, is the Eye Pencil. It is a notably creamy Black eye pencil. So creamy that it doesn’t stay intact. It smudges a lot and this is why you can use it for an absolute smokey eye 😛 yeah that is what I use it for.
I Want
This is all about the palette. There were two tiny brushes in the palette i.e a sponge applicator and lip brush. Both delivered competently. I lost them too so cannot include the picture.
It is a fascinating, handy-dandy, a travel-friendly palette which contains everything you need for any type of makeup look. You can use this palette to create various looks from subtle eyes with Bright lips to Smokey eyes with nude lips. You can also mix and match to create your fancied colour. But these lip glosses and eye pencil don’t last much for which you will have to retouch every now and then. And of course, you cannot carry this huge palette in your clutch or bag, for which you will definitely require some other products.
This palette was priced around £13 when it was launched, I don’t remember exactly because it was launched back in 2014 but now as it is available at different sites, every site offers its own price.
You can get yours here.
My take on this Palette:
Of course, I won’t hold One Direction Fans from buying this palette,

It is made for you! One Direction’s Fans, go and get it.

But otherwise,
  1. I will definitely suggest it to beginners. If you have a small amount of money and you want to spend it in some affordable palette just to learn makeup this is accurate for you guys. It will help you experiment with as many looks as you want. Just get yourself a base and begin practising.
  2. I won’t advise these lip products for wearing on times when you need them to last long. Other products, especially the eyeshadows work amazing.
  3. For nail polishes, I feel even though they have delivered a few times only, they are amazing for such a low price.
That was a detailed and honest review of Makeup by One Direction Palette. I hope it was useful for you guys. I am a bit slow in blogging these days due to my exams, I will get back to my pace soon. That’s it for now. More reviews coming soon. Stay tuned.

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