Face Brush | Brush Guide | Makeup Tools Guide for Beginners

Makeup tools are as important as the makeup you put on your skin. If you have an excellent foundation but you don’t have the right tool to apply it with, your good foundation is not gonna work. In case of foundation, we are blessed with the fingers if you know the right technique… but not all makeup products can be applied with fingers. So let’s talk about some beauty tools.

In this post, I will tell you everything you need to know about Face Brushes as a beginner. My first face brush set was from Bh Cosmetics. If you are a beginner I will recommend you to go with brush sets rather than buying individual brushes because that can be pricey. Once you learn using the brushes you can go with individual or pro brushes, I will try to link some good brush sets for you guys at the end of the post.

So now get on to the face brushes. I think to do your whole face flawlessly you need at least three brushes, a stippling brush, a powder brush and an angled brush. At a minimum, you can do your whole face with a single brush too only if you know the right technique… I am trying to learn to do a full face with a single brush, I will share that too as soon as I master that, till then let’s talk about the brushes you need to do your entire face.

1. Stippling Brush

There are basically two types of brushes for foundation i.e. flat brush or stippling brush. I will suggest having a stippling brush for beginners because handling flat brush as a beginner isn’t easy. Also,

  • stippling brush can help you with various coverages
  • it can help you achieve diverse looks
  • you can use a stippling brush with all kind of products be it creams, liquids, powders
  • it can help blend your concealer
  • stippling brush can be used to apply products other than the foundation and concealer too e.g blushes, bronzers etc
Real Techniques Stippling Brush

Get Real Techniques Stippling Brush $10 here
Sigma Stippling Brush $16-$27 here
Zoeva Stippling Brush $19.50 here

2. Powder Brush

One should never go with a foundation brush for powdering your face. If you are using a liquid or cream foundation, powdering with same brush can make a mess so you must have a separate brush for your powder. You need a fluffy, less dense brush for doing your powder so you have a light application of powder. In case of powder, less is always more. If you apply too much powder with a dense brush, your skin will end up cakey. So get yourself a powder brush.

This brush will also help you bronze your face so you won’t need another brush for bronzing.

elf Pointed Powder Brush

Get ELF Pointed Powder Brush $6 here
Ecotools Sheer Powder Brush $9 here
Real Techniques Powder Brush here $10 here


3. Angled Face Brush

Another brush you need to have is the one which can help you apply your contour and blush. There is a variety of different brushes available in the market for blush and contour but I want you to pick an angular face brush which can work a two in one for you. It will help you apply your blush seamlessly and also fit perfectly into the contours of your face.

Wet N Wild Contour Brush

Get Wet N Wild Contour Brush $2 here
Elf Angled Blush Brush $4 here
Ecotools Skin Perfecting Brush $9 here
Morphe E4 – Angled Contour Brush  $14 here
All of these will do both jobs for you

4. Concealer Brush

You can do your concealer with the stippling brush too but I will suggest having a small concealer brush that can reach everywhere especially in the inner corners of your eyes because stippling brush can never reach there.
Sigma F63 Airbrush Blender Brush


Get your Wet N Wild Concealer Brush $1 here
Sigma F63 – Airbrush Blender Brush $17 here
Sigma P80 – Precision Flat Brush $20 here -> if you want a smaller version of stippling brush for concealing get this one and this can work for you in foundation and conceal both

Face Brush Sets

Here are some of my personal favourite face brush sets, not all of them have everything I have mentioned but they have there own complete package with which you can do your full face of makeup.
  1. Bh Cosmetics Face Essential – 5 Piece Brush Set $12.50 here
  2. Real Techniques Core Collection $13 here
  3. Ecotools Prepped for Change $20 here
  4. Elf does make some amazing brush sets but they are complete face and eyes set. If you want an amazing pro brush set at an affordable price get Elf 11 Piece Brush Collection $30 here

That‘s it for today angels. Hope you liked it and this helped you in some way. if you have any queries comment down and I will love to respond. Thank you so much for coming here, it means a lot. I will come with Eye Brushes Guide and Makeup Sponges Guide super soon. Check Eye Brushes Guide here. Stay tuned


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