The Sun Kissed Glow

It’s already the time of the year when we have almost moved forward from the summer and for most people, Sun-Kissed Glow is a trend for summer but for me, it is more of a Fall Trend. Yes, I think for Autumn Season all you need is a bronzer and a bold lip, and you are done with your fall look. I will be doing this post in parts because it will be a very long post if I sum up everything in one single post and I really don’t wanna bore you guys, so in this post I will take you through the concept of the sun-kissed glow, natural and fake, then part 2 will be focused on the how to achieve the look through makeup and then in part 3 we will talk about the Bronzers, that is the basic product you need to achieve your look . Yess so enough of the intro, let’s jump into the post.

What is a Sun-Kissed Glow?
Everyone raves about it but if you don’t really know what a Sun-Kissed Glow is, you have come to the right place.
Sun-Kissed Glow is basically the attractive colour your skin reflects when sunlight touches your skin. This is actually why it is called sun-kissed glow. The idea is actually caught from the point when you are under the sun and the sunlight touches your skin and it reflects back a bronzy colour, that is what we call as “Sun-Kissed Glow”.
Well, that is something very natural, but nowadays this concept has become a trend and presently you can fake it too. Of course, you are not gonna get sun everywhere and every time so for that reason you can fake a sunkissed glow everywhere and at every time of the year.

For a Natural Sun-Kissed Glow, all you need is a healthy hydrated skin. If you have a dull dry flaky skin it is not gonna look good under the sun so for natural sun-kissed glow, you need to keep your skin healthy and hydrated. Of course, you know how to keep your skin healthy and hydrated, and if not following are the points you need to take care of

  1. Drinking lots of water
  2. Eating Healthy
  3. Keeping skin moisturized, especially if your skin falls into the dry category
  4. Exfoliating, and
  5. Following a good skin care regime
I will go in detail of these some other time. For now, we will just stick to our today’s topic. So the next thing we need to talk about is
How to fake The Sun-Kissed Glow?

You can, of course, fake it with cosmetics.
Now why I have mentioned the word “cosmetics” instead of the word “makeup” is because you can fake a sun-kissed glow on your face and on the body too by makeup, but there are some fake tan lotions and mousses that help you achieve the sun-kissed glow on your body, which of course doesn’t come in the category of makeup, or … maybe it’s only me who doesn’t consider it as makeup.
Well, as we are Asians, I personally think, we don’t need much of these products as we are naturally blessed with it and I won’t go in much of its detail because I have always been honest with my viewers and frankly, I am not the right person to talk about these products. I only have the slightest knowledge of it because I have read about it and watched the videos but as I have never used it on myself I am not going to talk about it. If you are interested you can for sure google it.

You can check My Sun-Kissed Glow Makeup Look. This is it for today’s post. I will upload the other parts very soon which will have the list of my favourite bronzers.
Also as I have mentioned earlier about the new schedule, from now on I will have two blogs a week, every Wednesday and Sunday will be the blog day.. and maybe a third blog if I felt like writing more. As this blog is going up today, there will be no blog on Sunday this week and then you will have next blog on Wednesday most probably.
I am amazed by how you guys have responded to my blogs. Thank you so much, guys. I already can’t believe it. If you like my blog so far please subscribe to my blog, and show some love by commenting and sharing. It will mean a lot. Also for constant updates follow me on my Social Media. Thank You so much for being here. More posts coming soon. Stay Tuned.


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