Norangi Ubtan

Welcome back pretties to the Review-Sunday. I had this post on my list from a really long time now, even before My Ubtan Skin Care post but I couldn't manage to write it so yeah finally I am here writing this post for you pretty girls. As I have mentioned the importance of Ubtan in … Continue reading Norangi Ubtan


Eye Brushes | Brush Guide | Makeup Tools Guide for Beginner

Eye makeup can take your look to a notably new level only if you have the right tools. Eye brushes can either make your look seamless or they can completely ruin it. This blog post is the continuation of my makeup tool series or the Brush Guide Series and if you haven't checked my previous … Continue reading Eye Brushes | Brush Guide | Makeup Tools Guide for Beginner

Nivea Body Lotion | Nivea Express Hydration | Nivea Nourishing Body Milk

Today's post is just a continuation of the last Sunday's post. If you haven't checked it already, it was about Nivea Body Care Products including Shower Gel, Body Lotions, Roll-On Deodorant and Deodorant Spray, do check it here. Now in today's post, I will be comparing both Nivea Body Lotions which we talked about last … Continue reading Nivea Body Lotion | Nivea Express Hydration | Nivea Nourishing Body Milk

DIY Primer, Makeup Fixing Spray & Lipstick

I am back with two posts today, this one being very interesting and the other one being very informative, check that one here. In this post, you will learn how to DIY a primer, makeup fixing spray and a lipstick. So I won't waste your much time in the intro and let's get into the … Continue reading DIY Primer, Makeup Fixing Spray & Lipstick

Lip Balm Allergens

This post is a bit different and that is why I am having two posts on a single day. The other post is about some DIY Makeup Products which I will link here. Okay so now for today's post: It's just that last night I came across a post and I was shocked to see … Continue reading Lip Balm Allergens

Nivea Body Care

Welcome back to Review-Sunday. As the topic states, today I will be reviewing few of the Nivea Body Care Products. I am very fond of shower gels and body care products. I splurge more on body care as compared to my skin care and these are the few products that I am using recently so … Continue reading Nivea Body Care


Skin care is one of the most important and most neglected issues nowadays. As our body needs food to grow, our hair and skin also need food to stay healthy. Healthy skin is the source of a pretty face. No makeup or cosmetics can make you look pretty if you have dull and unhealthy skin. … Continue reading Ubtan

Maybelline Baby Lips

Until now you would have known that Maybelline is one of my Favourite Drugstore Brands and I love it because most of its products are super duper amazing and I love almost all of them so this is why I love Maybelline... if that makes some sense to you. Well, today's blog is about Baby Lips … Continue reading Maybelline Baby Lips

Best Bronzers 2017

As promised, I am back with a list of Bronzers, that will help you achieve a beautiful Sun-Kissed Glow. Just wanted to tell you that all the products I am mentioning are my favourites, I will not talk about the ones I don't like. There is no particular order in which I will go, I … Continue reading Best Bronzers 2017