DIY Primer, Makeup Fixing Spray & Lipstick

I am back with two posts today, this one being very interesting and the other one being very informative, check that one here. In this post, you will learn how to DIY a primer, makeup fixing spray and a lipstick. So I won’t waste your much time in the intro and let’s get into the post.



Primer is something you apply on your face before makeup as a preparation step in order for your makeup to stick to your face and don’t budge. So to DIY primer, take your moisturizer as much as you need to apply and add two to three drops of glycerine to the moisturizer. Mix well with your finger and apply it to your face. It will work as a primer for you.


Next is Makeup Fixing Spray. It locks the makeup in your skin preventing it from moving. For DIY makeup fixing spray, take a spray bottle, fill it with 1:5 Glycerine to Water. Meaning, take 4/5 parts of Water in the spray bottle and add 1/5 of glycerine to it. Shake well and spits it all over your face. You are done with makeup fixing spray. It will not only lock your makeup in place but will make your skin look glowy and fresh.


If you are at some stage where you are unable to find the right lipstick shade or the lipstick shade you want is not available, this DIY is for you. Just scrap little bit of your eyeshadow, whose colour you want in your lipstick, mix it well with the small amount of Vaseline or any other colourless petroleum jelly until a consistent creamy texture is obtained. Apply the colour to your lips and you are good to go.

That is it on today’s blog. I hope you like it. If you like my blog so far, follow me through the Blue Button in the sidebar. Also, show some love by commenting and sharing. Do tell me in comments which were your favourite DIY of these three. Also, there is a poll going on in my sidebar, don’t forget to vote there.Thank you so much for your time, it means a lot. More posts coming soon so stick around.


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