Lip Balm Allergens

This post is a bit different and that is why I am having two posts on a single day. The other post is about some DIY Makeup Products which I will link here.

Okay so now for today’s post: It’s just that last night I came across a post and I was shocked to see that lip balms can cause allergies and can cause your lips to be dry because of some ingredients in them. One other thing that shook me was that there are some ingredients in Lip Balms that make you want the lip balm every now and then… which in other words you can call as an addiction. Lip balm is my favorite thing on Earth and I cannot tolerate dried chapped off lips and there are many lip balms which I have tried but not all of them have worked for me and that post made me think that it might be because of some of allergic ingredients that it doesnt works for me.
 As by now you obviously know my favourite lip balm is Baby Lips by Maybelline and it has worked for me every time everywhere, and if you haven’t checked my review on it check it here. I also love the Lip Balms by The Body Shop and if you want a review on that do let me know in the comments and I will love to do that for you.

For today’s post as I mentioned that post came up with many questions and answers too, and so I decided to share what I read and searched about Lip Balm Ingredients with my viewers too.

First I will share Lip Balm Allergic Ingredients that I came to know about after searching and then later I will link you to the post where you can find the perfect lip balm for yourself. This post will be highly beneficial for those of you who are allergic to some ingredients in Lip Balms. Even if you are not allergic to any of these, just check the link down because I don’t want you to miss so much of information.

Allergic Lip Balm Ingredients

1. Beeswax –  if you are sensitive to bees and bees products this is something you must avoid in your lip balms too.
2. Castor Oil – well I didn’t believe it when I read it for the first time. Castor Oil can be a cause of your chapped lips. Like seriously?? You Kidding Me? No, I am not!!  That was my first reaction when I read about it.
3. Flavors and Fragrances – it is less likely to cause allergy but if you are allergic to the plant from which the flavour and fragrance is derived you can be hypersensitive to these flavours & fragrances
4. Lanolin – well it is an amazing moisturizing and waterproofing agent but it can cause contact dermatitis.
5. Vitamin E – so vitamin E is being known for its anti-dryness properties and is part of almost all the creams and lip balms but dermatologist says that it is not for everyone. For some, vitamin E can be the wholly solely cause of your chapped lips so do check if you are allergic to it or not.
Yeah, so these are the ingredients that you need to check out in the lip balm that you are using and it isn’t working for you. And now, if you cannot find a lip balm without the ingredients you are allergic to, head over to, they have done a huge research and found a few non-allergic LipBalms for you.
This is it for today’s post. I hope you liked it. If you want me to do these kinda posts more often do let me know and I will do that for you guys. Don’t forget to check my Post on DIY Makeup Products here. Follow me through the blue button on the sidebar and I shall see you soon. Also, there is a poll going on in my side bar, don’t forget to vote there. Thankyou so much for your time. I really appreciate that. More Posts coming soon so stick around.

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