Eye Brushes | Brush Guide | Makeup Tools Guide for Beginner

Eye makeup can take your look to a notably new level only if you have the right tools. Eye brushes can either make your look seamless or they can completely ruin it. This blog post is the continuation of my makeup tool series or the Brush Guide Series and if you haven’t checked my previous guide on Face Brushes you need to check it out. In today’s post, I will tell you everything you need to know about Eye Brushes as a beginner.

As I mentioned in my previous Makeup tool post if you are a beginner I will suggest you go with brush sets rather than buying individual brushes because buying individual brushes can be a bit expensive. Once you learn using the brushes you can definitely go with individual pro brushes. I will link few of the Eye Brush sets for you guys at the end of the post.

For a flawless eye makeup, blending is the key for which you definitely need a blending brush and if you are a pro in handling a blending brush you can perform all eye makeup steps with this brush alone. Even if you are not a Pro and you have to buy only one brush I will recommend getting a blending brush for yourself because you can use your ring finger to apply shadow to your lid, highlight to browbone or inner corner or even smudging your lower lashline. Other than this, I believe one needs to have at least three brushes to complete your eye makeup look flawlessly. The three eye brushes I will suggest a beginner are a blending brush, a flat eyeshadow brush and a brush for your brows or liner. Now let’s see why we need these three.

1. Blending Brush

Blending is the key to your perfect eye makeup look. Even if you are applying a single eyeshadow you need to blend it in order to avoid the harsh edges and have a seamless finish. For blending your eyeshadow you need a fluffy brush. Now this fluffy brush or a blending brush can be of different types and different sizes i.e. there can be a tapered blending brush or rounded blending brush or there can be a small blending brush or a large blending brush. I will suggest you have your first blending brush of medium-sized, not the largest not the smallest, somewhere in between, as it can help you in various looks.

Morphe m533 – Flawless Pro Blender

Get Wet N’ Wild Crease Brush $1 here
Morphe M533 – Flawless Pro Blender $7 here
Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff Brush $7 here

2. Flat Eye Brush

This brush is flat and dense, and it picks a very good amount of eyeshadow, so for the obvious reason, it is perfect for applying your lid shade. You can work it with pigments, shimmers, powder eyeshadows and cream eyeshadows. Also, you can use this brush to do your brow highlight, inner corner and also your lower lash line.

Sigma E60 – Large Shader Brush

Get Sigma E60 – Large Shader Brush $17 here
Mac 239 Eye Shader Brush $33.99 here

3. Definer Brush

Last brush that you need to complete your eye look is a definer brush. Definer brush defines the eye. It helps to make your eye stand out. This brush can be of different types i.e it can be angular brush, flat brush or precise liner brush.  Select this brush according to your preferences but whatever you chose as a beginner make sure it multifunctions i.e it assists you in your brows, eyeliner, tight lining and all the other functions in defining and completing your look.
Wet N’ Wild Angled Liner Brush

Get Wet N’ Wild Angled Liner Brush $1 here
Morphe M432 – Flat Liner Definer Brush $4 here
Nordstrom Angled Liner Brush $12 here

My Favourite Eye Brush Sets

Below are some of my favourite eye brush sets, in fact, I am using all of them and I will highly recommend these. Get one of these and you are done with your complete eye look.
1. Ecotools Enhancing Eye Set $6 here
2. Bh Cosmetics Eye Essential – 7 Piece Brush Set $10 here
3. Real Techniques Starter Set $18 here
 That’s it for today angels. Hope you liked it and this helped you in some way. If you have any query feel free to ask me in comments or you can email me as well. If you haven’t checked my face brushes guide check it here. As promised I will have a makeup sponges post soon. More posts coming soon so stay tuned.

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