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Norangi Ubtan

Welcome back pretties to the Review-Sunday. I had this post on my list from a really long time now, even before My Ubtan Skin Care post but I couldn’t manage to write it so yeah finally I am here writing this post for you pretty girls. As I have mentioned the importance of Ubtan in one of my previous posts which you can check here, I have tried many different Ubtans and the Ubtan which has worked best for me is hands down Norangi Ubtan. I will be reviewing it today for you girls. Before I get into the review I will like you guys to know that I have a combination skin, extremely oily T-zone and extremely dry cheeks so you can judge your skin on this basis. Okay now you know my skin type, we can stop rambling and jump into the review.


This Ubtan comes in this White Cylindrical Plastic Container with a screw cap and red writing all over it.
It is covered with writing in Urdu as well as in English which has all information about Ingredients, Directions and Claims etc.


And then some more writing that it is Harmless to all skin and must be kept in dry place.
There is this cutie which I want to show you guys. This is the cap of the container with the logo printed on it and just look how cute is the logo.
When you open this screw cap the product is inside in a Polyethylene sealed bag. I tend to open the seal and take out all the product in this white container which isn’t good because all the ingredients are natural and are prone to bacterial attack but I am too lazy to open the Polyethylene bag every now and then so yeah I do it that way and if you are lazy like me you too can do it this way.



  • 100% Herbal Skin Care Product
  • Removes Blemishes, Acne, Wrinkles and Spots
  • Keeps your skin soft and glowing
  • Safe for all skin types
  • Contains Rose, Turmeric, Sandalwood, Jasmine, Husn e Yusuf, Almonds, Sesame, Mustard and many more things that cannot be translated to English 😛

Directions of Use

According to its packaging, it is directed to be used by mixing the required amount of the product with milk, rose water, screwpine essence (kewra) or plain water and applying it at night and exfoliating for 10 -15 mins followed by rinsing it off completely with water.
It also says not to use soap at night after its use and then you can use soap at morning if you wish.
(well this is not how I use it, I will tell you my application method below)


This is what the product looks like from inside. It is Yellow in colour and not finely milled, it is kinda coarse powder. It feels kinda rough on the skin which is why it is an excellent product for exfoliating.
If you see it closely you can literally see particles of Almonds and all those things mentioned which I couldn’t capture in its dry form so there is a picture below to show you these particles in its wet form.

*This is too much of the product just for the purpose of the picture. I use less than half of this for my whole face.



There can be so many methods of its application and if you want to know about them just check my Blog post on Ubtan Skin Care here.

In this post, I will just tell you the way I use it.
  1. First of all, I spray my face with rose water.
  2. Then take out the required amount of the Ubtan from the bottle and spit some rose water over that as well.
  3. Mix it until a fine thick paste is made.
  4. Apply it to your face and exfoliate for as long as you have time. Usually, I don’t have much time in the morning because I have to go to university so I just give it a couple of minutes.
  5. Rinse it off with “Cold Water” and you are done
I never ever use soap or face wash after it or even the whole day. If I have to wash my face, I just wash it with water only.
When I use it I use it daily in the morning but then sometimes I become so lazy that I switch to some facewash forgetting about it and I feel the difference whenever I do this to my skin.
Yeah that’s it. Before going to my final thoughts I would like you guys to see the wet Ubtan closely so you can see the particles it contains.

My Thoughts

I have used so many Skin Care products but none can beat my love for this. I keep coming back to this. I always have it even when I don’t use it. This stuff literally makes my skin baby soft, it removes all the dirt or dead cells from my skin and cleanses it deeply. It smoothens the skin, lightens the skin, tones the skin and most important tightens the skin. It claims to give a fair complexion but I never care about complexion things so I haven’t noticed if it does that or not.
One thing I would like to share is that initially, I used to apply this with water only and because it wasn’t soluble it stuck to my facial hair which is good as it removes facial hairs but it was too painful so then I started using it with Rose Water and it sorted me so I will suggest you to use it with the vehicle that suits your skin.


It retails for PKR 135 in Pakistan which is around USD 1.35. Isn’t it a steal??



Will I repurchase it?

This is my 5th bottle, what do you expect 😀 Well, of course, I will repurchase it every time I finish it. Little goes a long way.
So yes, finally I did this post. I hope you like it. You can find it in any local cosmetic store. If you are someone from outside Pakistan and you have some relative or friend visiting Pakistan just ask them to bring you this, you will love it. I asked you people on my Instastory if you wanted to see my fav Ubtan first or BB creams first and majority responded to see my Fav Ubtan so here is it.  Don’t forget to share it with your friends and do tell me in comments what other posts you want to read. That’s it for today’s post.
Thank you so much for your time. It means a lot. I will see you guys soon. More posts coming soon so stay tuned.

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