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9 Dirty Hair Hacks

As Winters are arriving it takes ages for you to wash and air dry your hairs, especially when you have long hairs like mine. You can obviously use tools but they will ultimately damage your hairs so I have come up with 9 Dirty Hair Hacks for you girls out there which will sought you out from your dirty greasy hairs. If you like them and if any one of them work for you don’t forget to let me know in the comments below.

Direct jumping into Hair Hacks

Dry Hair Shampoo

If your friends plan a day out and you don’t have time to wash your hairs, grab yourself a Dry Shampoo and you are good to go. If you don’t have a dry Shampoo, don’t worry because you can always DIY it by using a Baby Powder, Cocoa Powder or Corn Starch instead. Dry shampoo soaks up all the oils from your scalp leaving them oil free and fresh. If you have dark hairs or dark hair roots go with a dark coloured Dry Shampoo or Cocoa Butter so the white powder doesn’t peek through your hairs.
My favourite dry Shampoo is CAKE The All Powerful Dry Shampoo Powder which is available in 3 different colours to choose from according to your Hair colour and it retails for $17.00. If you cannot find it in any store near you, there is nothing that Amazon doesn’t have 😛 Get the Light here, Medium here and the Dark here.

Any Thing Alcohol Based

Alcohol breaks down the oils in your scalp.
As hand sanitizer helps you cleanse your hands without water, it does an exact same thing for your scalp. Take a little bit of hand sanitizer, rub it between your hands and massage into your scalp and this is gonna get rid of any oils or greasiness on your scalp.
The active ingredient in hand sanitizer is Alcohol so use a tiny miny amount otherwise it will dry out your hairs. Get my favourite Purell Hand Sanitizer here.
If you don’t have a Hand Sanitizer you can do the exact same thing with your wet wipes or makeup cleansing wipes. They have the exact same amount of Alcohol and they will help your scalp get rid of greasiness. For best and affordable Makeup wipes I will suggest Simple Kind To Skin Makeup Wipes, get them here.
And if you don’t like both of these, you can also use your Alcohol based perfume or body spray. This will not only make your hair less greasy but also make your hair smell amazing.

Hairstyles & Hair Bands

There are so many Hair Tutorials out there for your dirty hairs but if none of them works, this is where a headband, scarf or a cap comes in. You can always hide your hair roots with a headband, scarf or cap.

Hair Parting

Also changing your part line not only helps you in giving your hair more volume but also makes them look less greasy. Of course, this won’t work if you haven’t washed your hairs from a month but if your hairs are slightly greasy this can be really very helpful as most of the dirt and oil accumulate in your part line, so changing your parting line will change the amount of dirt deposition.

Okay so now just talk about few of the tips that will help you cut your hair greasiness for a longer term.

Washing Hair Less

Wash your hair not more than twice a week. I myself wash my hair on alternate days but what that does is, it cleanse your scalp from all its essential oils and in return, the scalp produces more oil which makes your hair greasy more often. I am trying to control my habit of washing hairs on alternate days an so should you.

No Conditioner on Scalp

Don’t apply conditioner to your scalp. That’s the most damaging thing you are doing to your hairs and roots. A conditioner is meant for your hair ends or you can also apply it to the mids of your hairs but it is not for your scalp so consider that.

Less is More

Cut back hair products. For hair products, less is always more, so try to use as fewer hair products as possible to avoid greasy hairs.


The most difficult things but yeah you have to do it if you want your hairs to look fresh for a long time. Stay away from processed foods and carbohydrates as they make you sweat more and ultimately leading to oily scalp.

Hands & Brush

Keep your hands away from your hairs because they deposit more dirt to your hairs. Also brushing your hair more often is not recommended as it makes your hairs dry (I cannot follow this though).

Yeah so that’s it for today’s post. I hope you like it. Do tell me in comments below which one is your favourite hack and works for you best? For me, dry shampoos are my best friend 💕 Stay Tuned for more.

Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate that.

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