Pakistani Drama

One thing I would like Pakistani Dramas to change

Pakistan has stepped up in its dramas for quite a time now and today Pakistani Dramas are not only watched in Pakistan but loved around the world.

We, the Pakistanis, being fans of StarPlus drama serials have boosted our own Drama Industry and are making some quality TV shows, ones worth admiring. Although these dramas don’t show the real lifestyle of common people living in Pakistan, they are highlighting actual domestic issues of Pakistani community and either assisting in finding solutions or underlining their consequences.

I am crazy about Pakistani Dramas and at every time of the year, I have a favourite drama being televised. I personally prefer dramas over movies just because I don’t like the concept of restricting a year or more’s story to, at max, a 3-hour movie. Also, I don’t like Indian Dramas or Movies because they are very unrealistic.

But there is one thing that I would like Pakistani Dramas to change…

Most of our Pakistani Dramas have happy endings and there are very few dramas which go against the tradition and have sad endings e.g. Pyaray Afzal or Zid.

I feel is that producers don’t usually come up with engaging endings… endings that touch your heart and soul in a similar pattern to the whole drama which  takes us away in its own fantasy. And for this reason, there are a few dramas which you love a lot but because their endings are not up to the mark you don’t wanna recall them.

This usually happens in when the ending is super happy but the rest of the drama is about the saddest happenings and only a few minutes are dedicated to this ending, for which the viewers wait for around 5 months.

An example is Dil e Muztar where Sila doesn’t forgive Adeel till the last 10 minutes of the drama but  then in the last 5 minutes she goes home with him without saying a word. Another example is Mol, one of the best stories, which was concluded so quickly that we couldn’t absorb all the goodness it had.

Pakistani dramas show every bit of the critical situations, but when it comes to the happy ending part they fast forward the story, skipping some essential scenes and jump directly to the end like in Yeh Raha Dil where Hayat agrees to marry Zaki at the last moment without anyone saying anything to her, contradicting to her attitude to all the previous episodes. Or recently in Be Intiha Bismah, when rejected by everybody, realizes that Zaid ne usko muhabbat nibhana sikhaya from nowhere and she leaves for her home by herself after when Zaid’s mum convinced him to bring her back home.

Remember Diyaar e Dil? It was epic. And the best thing was that at the end of the story, they dedicated 2 episodes to a beautiful ending. This is why the drama is high up on my list of favourites.

To the Producers… we want to see detailed happy endings so that the drama stays with us for a longer period of time. All the dramas I mentioned above are my top favourites, but I wish that most of their endings were more detailed.

Yeah guys, this is it for today’s post. Do let me know if you think the same or if you think different. I know I know, this post is very different from most of my other posts. and you might be wondering why but I was very busy lately,  and didn’t want to skip a day but I didn’t have the time to write a review so I just chose to do a random ramble.

The idea is, by the way, inspired by Kat Chats. Do tell me in comments if you like it and if you want me to do more random rambles. Also if you want me to review dramas or episodes do let me know, I would love to do some.

Thank you so much guys. Stay tuned for more.

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