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Top 5 Favourite Youtubers

21st Century is the Social Media’s century. Youtube is one of these social media platforms, and has grown a lot in the last decade.

Here, billions of people are putting up something different every day. I have been watching Youtube for a very long time but from 2015 I became completely engrossed with it. I have subscribed to many Youtubers, mainly related to beauty and fashion industry.

They are from around the world and all of those to whom I am subscribed have something special about them and their Youtube Channel. Its hard to pick only 5 but I believe that the ones I have picked are truly the best ones and I have learnt a lot from them. I will be talking about each one of them in detail in today’s post, but they are not ordered as its really hard for me to rank them, all of them are amazing and my favourite.

1. Kathleen Lights

Kathleen Fuentes aka Kathleen Lights is a real sweetheart. She is from Florida, US and started on YouTube back in 2013 and has captured people’s hearts ever since. Her channel, Kathleen Lights, is mainly about beauty and makeup. She does some mind-blowing makeup tutorials and there is so much one can learn from her.

I love the way she reviews the products and there are so many things she has made me buy. I made a separate post on it here. She has been nominated for the Shorty Award for Best YouTube Guru, has launched her own nail polish line called KL Polish and has collaborated with many different makeup brands like Colourpop, Morphe and Makeup Geek. I discovered her way later than other Yotubers but I became addicted to her after watching just one of her videos. She is one of those people whose videos just make my day.

2. The Makeup Chair

 Sineady Cady, the person behind The Makeup Chair, is the girl from whom I  learnt the basics of makeup. She is a professional makeup artist and beauty blogger from Ireland. She has her own book in the market and a full series on her Youtube dedicated to Makeup Basics and once you go through her course you don’t need any other classes. She is one of the greatest makeup mentors and no one can teach you the tips and tricks of makeup the way she does. She was awarded Top 50 Makeup Blogs globally and Best Beauty Blogger 2016. She is a real makeup coach and like an amazing coach, she gets into your mind to explain everything you need to know about makeup. Also, she shows her tips and tricks repeatedly in her videos so you can learn them properly without getting bored.

3. My Happinesz

Komal started her YouTube Channel My Happinesz to spread happiness to the world and this is exactly what she is doing. She has two YouTube channels, MyHappinesz and KomalVlogs and she is hitting hard with both. Although her channel My Happinesz is about beauty, fashion and lifestyle, I love to watch her because of her personality. No doubt, she gives you high lifestyle goals in both of her channels and has a remarkable fashion sense, and that’s why I just relish Komal Vlogs too, because there you can watch Komal as a person more. By sharing her life on the screen, she has become part of every home and friend of every subscriber of her.

4. SJ Loves Jewelry

Shreya Jain, from SJ loves Jewelry, is an indian YouTuber focused on beauty and makeup. She comes up with diverse video ideas which have so much for us to learn from. Her makeup sense is amazing and her makeup tutorials are wonderful. I just adore her makeup tutorials as she knows how to carry any look like a pro and she also tries her best to guide you to carry that look to its best. She is the one YouTuber I have seen making the most efforts to satisfy her subscribers. The best thing about her channel is that she gives you some fabulous traditional makeup vibes and I really like her traditional makeup series and lookbooks.

5. Kaushal Beauty

I am always biased towards Kaushal. She is an Indian beauty living in the UK and spreading the concept of Beauty and Fashion throughout the world. She is the first one  I subscribed to on Youtube and I have been watching her for a very long time. She is such an inspiring beauty expert, with brand new beauty approaches and attempts. As I have been watching her for the longest, there is so much I have learnt from her videos. One thing I have exclusively learnt from her is the skin care and skin preparation before applying makeup. Also, her makeup tutorials are marvellous.

These are my top 5 favourite Youtubers. I didn’t only learn beauty and fashion from these people but something all five taught me were lessons about positivity,

I would really love it if you checked them out, I have linked them above and I feel that you will really learn something from each one of them. These are the people who have really inspired me to blog.

There may be a part two to this post, as there are so many great YouTubers who are popping in my head and I wanna write about them too. Do let me know if you’d be interested. Also, many YouTubers have emerged in Pakistan in the last couple of decades and I love watching them as well, so let me know if you wanna see a Pakistani version of this post.

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Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time.

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