BB Creams | Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream | Garnier BB Cream

Today I am here with something I have been promising you guys for a very long time, a review of the two BB Creams that I use on a day to day basis.  So yeah, as you can tell by the title the BB creams I am going to talk about are the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream 8 in 1 and  the Garnier BB cream. Let’s jump into the review.

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream comes in a medium sized tube and it is thick in consistency but very light on the skin. The best thing about it is that it is absorbed very well by the skin and delivers a healthy naturally beautiful looking skin. It claims to be a skin clearing perfector and I don’t disagree. This BB cream adjusts to your skin tone, blurs, pores and imperfections, and also color corrects the redness to an extent. The coverage is light but you can build it up. It gives a very nice, and I must say a satin finish to the skin and makes your skin look healthy. It is the best alternative for a foundation. It doesn’t cakes up on your face. It also has an SPF of 15 which is certainly good as you won’t have to layer too many other products on a day out. It has some weird kind of fragrance that isn’t bad but it isn’t good either.                                                                                                          It is a 30ml product which costs around PKR 700 which is a big yay. In Pakistan, it is available in two shades only, the light also shows up dark but once you apply it adjusts to your skin tone. Also it has a pink undertone which many people won’t like but as I said it adjusts to your skin tone.

I have read many reviews on this BB Cream and it didn’t work for many people but for me, it has worked amazingly and now it is my go-to product. I can use it every day everywhere. For me, this is the best replacement for a foundation, especially for a daytime natural look when you don’t need much coverage.

Garnier BB Cream

Next product is this BB cream by Garnier. It comes in a similar tube as the Maybelline one but this is more of an elongated tube. It provides light coverage but more coverage than the Maybelline one. It smooths out the surface of your skin giving a very healthy finish. It is lightweight and can’t be felt on the skin but for me, it never actually absorbed completely into the skin. As it is a Beauty Balm cream it is supposed to be completely absorbed into the skin but for me, it only gets absorbed almost completely when I apply it with a sponge, otherwise I can see the pigment whenever I touch my face after applying it. However, that doesn’t matter much as it stays on a skin for a good time and looks good on skin. It has a perfumed fragrance which I don’t like in face products. It has an SPF too which will sort you out for daytime looks. It doesn’t cover much but it blurs out pretty much everything on the skin. It gives satin finish or more like an inner glow kinda finish. There is 40ml of the product for PKR 700 which is quite affordable.

Yeah, that’s it for my review. I personally prefer BB Creams over foundation as they give you a natural look also I think as they get absorbed into the skin so it lasts longer  than foundation. Also it doesn’t crack like a foundation does.

If you wanna buy any of them you can buy the Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream here and Garnier BB Cream here. I have Rimmel BB Cream on my list as everyone is raving about it and I will get my hands on that and review that for you soon. Stick around because I have so much coming.

Thank you so much for your time. I really appreciate that.

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