9 Beauty Crimes | Beauty & Makeup

Beauty has so many definitions. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and for me, beauty is a balance; a balance of nature, a balance of features, a balance of everything. Beauty never comes from a makeover but from balancing the different aspects of beauty.

As everything in the world has some laws, beauty has them too and there are some exercises that are considered outlawed in the beauty world. That’s today’s topic so we will talk about few of the Beauty Crimes and the reasons we need to stop doing them.

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Pressing Points

First and foremost, the worst beauty crime is squeezing the spots and popping the pimples on your face. You know, scientifically, we are not even allowed to touch our face with unwashed hands as our face is most prone to skin problems and this action transfers dirt and microbes to our face leading to multiple skin problems.

Dermatologists suggest using a separate towel for your face to stays safe from the attack of microorganisms but what we do?

We stand by the mirror, touch our face, squeeze, press and whatnot, extending it to popping our pimples. This can not only lead to the transfer of dirt but also gives birth to freckles, blemishes scars and… ageing, so we really need to stop it now.

Also playing with your hair is as problematic as squeezing the spots and popping the pimples.

Going to bed with your Makeup on


We are very efficient in doing makeup but are extremely lazy in washing it off. Read the detailed article on 10 Reasons to Remove Makeup Before Sleeping, and understand why you need to stop it right here or otherwise you will ruin your beauty.

Dry Shampooing more than Wet Shampooing


I am sure you have read my article on 9 Dirty Hair Hacks and probably bought yourself CAKE The All-Powerful Dry Shampoo Powder soon after that but… Wait!

How often are you using your dry shampoo?
Have you substituted your regular shampoo with Dry Shampoo?????
Dry Shampoo is a life saver but where do you think it is going?

It is actually accumulating in your scalp. Have you ever had such moments where dust gets into your hairs, making your skin oily with some layer on? That is what loads of dry shampoo do. I highly suggest not to use a dry shampoo more than twice in between your regular shampoos otherwise you yourself are building dirt in your scalp.

Lazy to Wash your Makeup Tools

Well, I must admit I am a culprit of this too. Our makeup tools usually get wet with our liquid and cream makeup products and anything with water is prone to bacterial attack… so it is recommended to wash your makeup tools after every use. But that is too much, I know. Try washing your makeup tools weekly or at least every two weeks to protect your skin from microbial attack.

Sharing Makeup tools & Products


Considering the previous section, try not to exchange your makeup tools with your buddies as this tends to transfer their skin problems to your skin. Also, you are not supposed to share your lippies or Mascaras or any similar thing that directly comes into contact with your skin in order to prevent yourself from skin problems.

Now let’s talk about some makeup disasters that must be considered as Beauty Crimes.

Unblended Makeup


Do you think just applying your makeup is enough to look beautiful?

Well if your makeup products do not blend with each other and with your skin particularly, you are just painting your face. I have said this hundred times and I will say it again:

Blending is the key to any makeup look

Whether it is the natural no makeup look or full-on glam smokey eye look, you need to blend each product/shade with the other products/shades seamlessly to look like a diva.

Only applying makeup and not blending it can lead to you looking like a disaster.

Experimenting with your Eyebrow Makeup


Why it is that when doing our eyebrows we either overdo them or don’t do them at all?? Your eyebrows can either make or break your look. Overly done eyebrows catch the eyes of people, preventing them from concentrating on your other features. On the other hand, when you apply your foundation, concealer and powder your eyebrows go unnoticed in your makeup.

As I said, beauty is balancing your features, not over-doing or hiding them. I highly suggest getting some brow products for a natural brow look and carrying the same natural brow with every look and it will make you look prettier.

Bold Eyes + Bold Lips = Worst look ever


Note this in your Beauty Rules Book;

you must not carry bold lips and bold eyes simultaneously

or else you will end up looking like Ursula.

When you decide to carry bold eyes make sure to keep your lips nude or natural so your eyes catch all the attention and your lips don’t distract.
Same goes when carrying bold lips; when you have opted for bold lips, keep your eyes subtle so that they don’t cause a distraction.

Even if you are a bride, carrying bold eyes with bold lips will lead you to a disaster which you never want on your big day.

White Painting your Face


I don’t get it, why have we made fairness criteria of beauty??

If fairness was a criteria of beauty, Rihanna wouldn’t have ever come up with 40 shades of foundation. Embrace your skin tone! You look best in your complexion as ALLAH has balanced it with your features.

When you apply a foundation two shades lighter than your skin it’s fine but when you go 10 shades lighter than your skin tone, your skin peeps through making your foundation look gray-ish black which looks awful. Even too light of a concealer can make you look like you have applied all-purpose flour under your eyes! So stop it right now and get yourself foundation and concealer that match your skin tone.

Also, when you apply your makeup, don’t only do it on your face. Apply your makeup to all the areas that aren’t covered, e.g neck, shoulders and even the back of your neck if you are intending to carry a bun. Otherwise, these visible streaks of makeup will only ruin your look completely.

Yeah guys, that’s it for this post on Beauty Crimes. I am sure this post has helped you in learning why you need to stop these acts. Follow me on my social medias to stay updated with more fun and informative posts. I will catch you soon.

Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time.


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