Science Technology Engineering Maths| STEM Education in Peshawar

Education isn’t only cramming science & maths the day before your exam, but a process of learning and full of enlightening experiences. Science and Maths are of no use unless you know how to apply them in real life.

Unfortunately, here in Pakistani schools, children are just prepared to stuff their heads full of information for the sake of doing well in their exams. That’s it and looking at the modern times, this isn’t what you really consider as learning or education.

Interpreting the needs of modern practice and comparing them to the education provided in our schools, many revolutionists came forward with a mission to train Pakistani children to a level where they can compete with the challenges of the existing world.

Mr Ali Ahmad Durrani, from Peshawar, along with his team Durrani’s STEM @Services is one of them. He came forward with an excellent program to assist Pakistani children to adapt to the era that is coming their way.

You must have read my blog post on the launch of Virtual Reality 9D at Galactic Space in Peshawar and if you haven’t already you need to go there to check it out. While at the launch of VR9D, we came across a Stall of Robots owned by Mr Ali Ahmad Durrani.

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Considering NASA’s Statement,

We are cultivating scientific literacy and a strong future workforce through STEM eduction

, Mr Ali Ahmad Durrani briefed us about

  • his initiative of training Pakistani children (something that developed countries already have in their teaching), and
  • his vision to take our Pakistani children to a level where they can compete with the modern world.

STEM – an integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math for holistic learning in the 21st Century

No automatic alt text available.Durrani’s STEM’s @Service consists of a team of highly experienced, qualified and passionate educationist and engineers, set on a mission to bring the 21st-century learning environment to Pakistani children, through integrated STEM education.

They want to help children develop core competencies that include creativity, imagination, collaboration, problem-solving, critical thinking, building and programming, confidence, self-esteem and expression.

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This program offers different courses for different ages between 7 and 17.

They offer an appealing and fun educational environment along with an art STEM kit and materials from daily life. Their curriculum is designed by expert engineers and educationalists. Each of their courses has different modules and each module is one month long. Each module runs once a week for 2 hours and… guess what??

The whole module costs only PKR 4000 which is highly affordable if you compare it with the STEM education courses around other cities of Pakistan.

Below I will be inserting some photos of the sessions conducted by Durrani STEM’s @Service but first, if you are a mother of a kid whose age ranges from 7 – 17, I highly recommend that you check these services out and get them for your kids as this is a requirement of modern time.

I will also post their address and contacts details below to make it easier for you guys to find them.

Here is the contact information for Durrani STEM’s @Service:


That’s it for today’s post. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time.


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