No Phone on DeepVeer Wedding

If you don’t know already, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh (deepveer) are ready for their wedlock. And it isn’t too far away, they are getting married today. It is a destination wedding which is supposed to take place at Lake Como, Italy.

The most shocking thing about this wedding is that only 30 people are invited to the wedding which includes their family and friends. According to sources, only Shah Rukh Khan and Arjun Kapoor are invited to the wedding from B-Town. And these 30 guests have to follow a few rules in order to become part of the most raved wedding of the season.

No Phone

The guests are asked to not to carry any mobile phone to the wedding location. There are possibly a couple of reasons for this.

No Phone means No Photos

It is very hard for a public figure to keep their lives private. Especially, when it is the most raved wedding in town. Everyone is looking forward to what the couple wore, how they look and how was their big day. And the phone camera is the easiest way to share the event on social media. It might be a very disappointing thing for the fans of Deepika and Ranveer but this way the couple would have whole authority on what they want to share with the fans and what they wanna keep private.

If someone doesn’t want to share their private moments with the public, everyone must respect their privacy. This is already clear that they want to keep the event private from the numbers of people they invited.

Complete Attention

The couple wants the guests to be completely involved in the event rather than being on their phone all the time. When its only 30 people to an event and all are on their phone, how the event is gonna be? SO the duo wants the guests to give full attention, love and prayers to the new couple.

This is probably the reason you haven’t seen any picture of the couple on social media yet, as according to sources they are now officially married. We wish them the best. Ranveer is an open book to the public and his fans but Deepika wants to keep things private and this no mobile rule came from her. They will have a huge reception in Mumbai where all the Bollywood actors and actresses¬†will be invited.

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