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Royal Wedding: Meghan Markel’s Dress

19 May 2018 was registered the date of "Another Royal Wedding". Today at 12:00 pm BST Prince Harry and Meghan Markle tied their knot. The wedlock was marvellous and so was the bride. Meghan Markle wore classic white, boat neck gown created by British designer Clare Waight Keller, the artistic director of French fashion house Givenchy. In… Continue reading Royal Wedding: Meghan Markel’s Dress

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Grow Matcha Clay Pack by Leegeehaam Review

It's been really very long that I have posted a review on my blog but yeah finally I am back. Today's product is a skin care product. I was sent this Grow Matcha Clay Pack a few days back by Leegeehaam all the way from Korea. I have been posting its pictures on my Instagram and you… Continue reading Grow Matcha Clay Pack by Leegeehaam Review

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Nimra Khan portraying a Desi Bride in Alif Allah Aur Insan

We have been talking about Pakistani Dramas on my blog for a long time and I always said that although these dramas don’t portray the real lifestyle of common people of Pakistan, they are highlighting actual domestic issues of the Pakistani community along with their customs. Excelling in showing the culture and tradition of Pakistan… Continue reading Nimra Khan portraying a Desi Bride in Alif Allah Aur Insan


How to look good when you are sick??

Last Sunday I had to attend a bloggers meetup and I was suffering from severe seasonal influenza so I wasn't feeling well at all. But I couldn't miss it so I had to get up, get ready and reach the destination. I looked really awful and I had to do some extra steps to look… Continue reading How to look good when you are sick??


Sun-Kissed Makeup Look

It's been a while since I've done a post in my Sun Kissed Glow series so I thought I'd do a tutorial that can help you achieve your own sun-kissed glow. One thing I just want to mention before I tell you how I accomplish my sun-kissed look is that although the bronzer I use is the basic product… Continue reading Sun-Kissed Makeup Look

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5 Winter Beauty Must Haves

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. And to cope with that summer I need to remain fit all winters. We really are in depth of winters and it might be a bit late for me to do these topics but winters haven't ended yet so it's not… Continue reading 5 Winter Beauty Must Haves


Science Technology Engineering Maths| STEM Education in Peshawar

Education isn't only cramming science & maths the day before your exam, but a process of learning and full of enlightening experiences. Science and Maths are of no use unless you know how to apply them in real life. Unfortunately, here in Pakistani schools, children are just prepared to stuff their heads full of information for the… Continue reading Science Technology Engineering Maths| STEM Education in Peshawar


9 Beauty Crimes | Beauty & Makeup

Beauty has so many definitions. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and for me, beauty is a balance; a balance of nature, a balance of features, a balance of everything. Beauty never comes from a makeover but from balancing the different aspects of beauty. As everything in the world has some laws, beauty has them… Continue reading 9 Beauty Crimes | Beauty & Makeup


30 Life Hacks For Vaseline You Should Know

Vaseline is something every home has and in the Winter, Vaseline is something everyone looks forward to. I have come up with 30+ Vaseline hacks that will help you out these winters. Vaseline is basically branded petroleum jelly and it is made up of Hard Paraffin, Soft Paraffin and Liquid Paraffin. You might not be… Continue reading 30 Life Hacks For Vaseline You Should Know

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WB by Hemani | Review

Waseem Badami is known as an anchor all around the world due to his "Masoomana Sawal" but not many people know about his brand. Waseem Badami collaborated with Hemani Herbals for the launch of a new brand, "WB by Hemani". It was launched all around the country and recently they added a new store. Yes,… Continue reading WB by Hemani | Review