How to look good when you are sick??

Last Sunday I had to attend a bloggers meetup and I was suffering from severe seasonal influenza so I wasn't feeling well at all. But I couldn't miss it so I had to get up, get ready and reach the destination. I looked really awful and I had to do some extra steps to look… Continue reading How to look good when you are sick??

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5 Winter Beauty Must Haves

In the depth of winter I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer. And to cope with that summer I need to remain fit all winters. We really are in depth of winters and it might be a bit late for me to do these topics but winters haven't ended yet so it's not… Continue reading 5 Winter Beauty Must Haves


30 Life Hacks For Vaseline You Should Know

Vaseline is something every home has and in the Winter, Vaseline is something everyone looks forward to. I have come up with 30+ Vaseline hacks that will help you out these winters. Vaseline is basically branded petroleum jelly and it is made up of Hard Paraffin, Soft Paraffin and Liquid Paraffin. You might not be… Continue reading 30 Life Hacks For Vaseline You Should Know


This or That Tag

It is PST 17:00 so my latest blog post should be up but I was so busy and didn't manage to write anything. A few minutes ago, as I opened my writing pad, completely idea-less, I decided to do a Q&A TAG. I searched through many tags and finally decided to do a THIS OR… Continue reading This or That Tag