Chicken Nuggets – Recipe

Here is a quick and easy Chicken Nuggets Recipe. Great for any tea party or kids lunch boxes and tastes as good as the Restaurant Nuggets or may be better. Ingredients Chicken Boneless 250 gms Black pepper powder ½ Tsp Garlic powder ½ Tsp Green Chillies chopped 1-2 Salt to taste All-purpose flour 1 Cup… Continue reading Chicken Nuggets – Recipe


My Type Fries – Continental Recipe

Hope you enjoyed my french fries recipe. Now here is some my own kinda experimental cooking which turned out to be delicious so I wanted to share it with you guys. If you are an Asian, especially a Pakistani, Indian or a Bangladeshi you are gonna love this. Very easy, quick and yummy. Let's Start Ingredients:… Continue reading My Type Fries – Continental Recipe


French Fries

So far I haven't put any food related stuff on my blog and I wanted to start with something everybody loves. So here comes the recipe of Crispy French Fries, who doesn't love them 😄 Ingredients: Potatoes            as much you want 😉 Water                1/2 cup Salt Corn Flour        as required Oil For frying Recipe: 1. Slice the potatoes in the shape of… Continue reading French Fries