How to look good when you are sick??

Last Sunday I had to attend a bloggers meetup and I was suffering from severe seasonal influenza so I wasn't feeling well at all. But I couldn't miss it so I had to get up, get ready and reach the destination. I looked really awful and I had to do some extra steps to look… Continue reading How to look good when you are sick??


9 Beauty Crimes | Beauty & Makeup

Beauty has so many definitions. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and for me, beauty is a balance; a balance of nature, a balance of features, a balance of everything. Beauty never comes from a makeover but from balancing the different aspects of beauty. As everything in the world has some laws, beauty has them… Continue reading 9 Beauty Crimes | Beauty & Makeup


This or That Tag

It is PST 17:00 so my latest blog post should be up but I was so busy and didn't manage to write anything. A few minutes ago, as I opened my writing pad, completely idea-less, I decided to do a Q&A TAG. I searched through many tags and finally decided to do a THIS OR… Continue reading This or That Tag

YouTube Addiction

Kathleen Lights Made Me Buy

As you all know by now, Kathleen Lights is my most favourite YouTuber and I just love her tutorials and product reviews. Read here about how much I like her. So I just wanted to do a blog post on the tag Youtube Made Me Buy It but when I looked into my collection, most of… Continue reading Kathleen Lights Made Me Buy


Remove Makeup Before Sleeping

All of us love doing makeup but sometimes it is so late and we are so tired after parties or a long day of hard work that we either forget to take off our makeup or we are too lazy to take it before we go straight to sleep. That is the worst thing one… Continue reading Remove Makeup Before Sleeping


Maybelline Baby Lips

Until now you would have known that Maybelline is one of my Favourite Drugstore Brands and I love it because most of its products are super duper amazing and I love almost all of them so this is why I love Maybelline... if that makes some sense to you. Well, today's blog is about Baby Lips… Continue reading Maybelline Baby Lips

Top Picks

Best Bronzers 2017

As promised, I am back with a list of Bronzers, that will help you achieve a beautiful Sun-Kissed Glow. Just wanted to tell you that all the products I am mentioning are my favourites, I will not talk about the ones I don't like. There is no particular order in which I will go, I… Continue reading Best Bronzers 2017


Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup Brands

Today's blog is a bit different as today's blog will address those people who are hesitant to use makeup or are insecure about applying makeup because of the reason that it is made up of animal tissues or it is tested on animals. As the world is advancing, people are getting more aware and hence… Continue reading Vegan and Cruelty Free Makeup Brands


Quick Makeup Tutorial | Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

After your such an amazing response to my Everyday Makeup Tutorial using Maybelline, I just decided to do a 5 minutes Makeup Tutorial for you girls. If you are a mom and you have to pick your kid from school, or you have to drop your kids to school or you have to get the… Continue reading Quick Makeup Tutorial | Drugstore Makeup Tutorial


Everyday Makeup Tutorial

Everyone has their own priorities for everyday makeup. I don't wear makeup on daily basis but when I do I prefer to keep it as natural and as skin like as possible. On most of the days a sunscreen, facepowder and a lipbalm is all I wear but when I want to look more put… Continue reading Everyday Makeup Tutorial